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Foldable Shopping Bag

Foldable Shopping Bag

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  • All tote bags bulk are made of polyester fabric which is lightweight yet sturdy and all seams are reinforced with bias tape which makes reusable tote bags strong enough to pack heavy groceries.
  • The reusable shopping bags can easily fold into the attached pocket-size pouch, so you can carry grocery bags in your purse or car without taking up too much space.
  • Reusable tote bags in durable ripstop polyester fabric with fine stitching, which is sturdy enough to withstand weight up to 50lbs. Shopping bags with waterproof, durable material can make resistant rips and water. So it is useful for a rainy day.
  • Being washable is a must for any reusable bags. All reusable shopping bags are Machine Washable. You can help to reduce your impact on the environment by using our reusable bags.
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